• Bootleggers Bureau & Co. : A Design Community.
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Bootleggers Bureau & Co. : A Design Community.
on: June 07, 2017, 04:11:56 AM

Welcome to Bootleggers Bureau & Co., home of the Prohibition Designers community.  Have a glass of moonshine on us, put your glad rags on, and enjoy a Charleston or two.  And don't worry about the coppers ruining your good time, we've got enough of them on the take to keep you cutting a rug all night long!

Bootleggers Bureau & Co. is a different sort of design board.  We consider ourselves more of a 'community' - we're focused on expanding our skill set through the exchanging of ideas, and basically just enjoying each others company.  There's no designer boards - only a singular board where if you'd like one made, you can go and request one.

Each month, one of our Prohibition Designers will be given the title of Prohie of the Month, and they will have their very own board where they can show off new avs, styles and textures they've come across, give away avs, offer av making spots, and whatever else they'd like to talk about in their board.

As of now, the board is still currently Under Construction, but you're welcome to join and have a look around!

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